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1. This "Hotline" is intended not to provide legal advice, but to receive complaints against the illegal and unprofessional behaviors of lawyers,
as well as on the unauthorized use of the title of a lawyer.

2. The complaints received by the "Hotline" are recorded reviewed and as a rule, the complainant is informed about the outcome of the revision.

3. It should be borne in mind that not all complaints are subject to disciplinary action by the Presidium of the Bar Association.

4. In each case, the complaint against the lawyer should be grounded.

5. As a rule, anonymous complaints are not accepted, and anonymity is guaranteed to the caller of the "Hotline".

6. The person calling "Hotline" should in each case declare his identity and contact details

7. "Hotline" staff shall ensure the protection of personal data of complainants.

8. In case of necessity, a copy of the identification document may be required for identification of a complainant.

9. The Presidium of the Bar Association is not responsible for the transfer of personal information of third parties by the complainant to the "Hotline" service.