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In order to become a lawyer, person shall possess following qualifications:
- higher legal education;
- at least three years of work experience in a legal field or work experience in the field of law in scientific and pedagogical educational institutions for no less than three years;
- must pass a qualification examination that consists a written test and interview held by Lawyers Qualification Commission for the purpose of determining professional eligibility of the applicant;
- must successfully complete the compulsory training in the Justice Academy of the Ministry of Justice.

The following person cannot become a lawyer:
- person who has dual citizenship or a commitment towards other states;
- person who does not have legal capacity or have limited legal capacity;
- person who is unable to carry out lawyer activities for mental reasons according to medical opinion;
- person whose conviction is not extinguished or is not removed for deliberately less serious crimes, serious crimes and particularly serious crimes;
- person who has taken legal action on the application of compulsory medical measures.

* Persons who used to work as lawyer (except for persons activity of which was suspended due to disciplinary proceedings) or judges may be advocates upon oral interview without passage of written test and undergoing compulsory training courses.
* Persons having scientific degree as well as persons who used to work in the position of judges of the Constitutional Court of the Republic of Azerbaijan, chairmen of courts of appeal and cassation instances may become lawyer without passage of written test and undergoing compulsory training courses.


1. Those who meet the requirements set out in the legislation to be admitted to the Bar Association may apply to the Presidium of the Bar Association by submitting the following applicaton form:

Application form to participate in written text exam (form).

2. Those who pass written text exam should submit following documents to the Presidium of the Bar Association:

  1. The application form determined by the Presidium of the Bar Association;
  2. Notarized copy of identity card;
  3. Notarized copy of the diploma about higher legal education;
  4. A copy of the service record certified by notary or employer;
  5. Medical certificate of mental health;
  6. 4 photos in size 3x4 cm and 4x6 cm;
  7. Personal record;
  8. Resume.


In order to help the candidates preparing for the written test exam, the Lawyers Qualification Commission presents to the candidates’ attention the following exam program:
1. Legislative acts that particularly must be taken into account: The Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Civil Code, Civil Procedure Code, Criminal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, Administrative Offences Code, Administrative Procedural Offences Code, Family Code, Labour Code, Execution of Punishments Code, Law on “Lawyers and Lawyers activities”, Law on “Constitutional Court”, Law on “Courts and Judges”.
2. Other legislative acts that have to be considered: Code on Dwelling, Urban Planning and Construction Code, Tax Code, Election Code, Land Code, Constitutional Law on Human Rights Commissioner (Ombudsman), The Constitution of Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic, European Convention on Human Rights, Law on “Execution”, Law on notary, law on “State Forensic Examination”, Law on “Combating Corruption”, Law on “Withdrawal of Land for State Needs", Law on “Judicial-Legal Council", Law on “Prosecution", Law on “Police", Law on “Operative - Search Activity ", Law on “Payment of damages caused to individuals as a result of illegal actions of investigation, preliminary investigation, prosecution and judicial bodies” and Law on “Administrative Proceeding".
Test-exam samples
1. According to Article 143 of the Criminal Code ("leaving in danger"), wittingly leaving of a person whose life or health is in danger without help and deprived opportunities to arrange the self-protection, if guilty had an opportunity to assist this person is subject to criminal prosecution under certain conditions. Which of the following does not apply to the same conditions?
a) İf the person who left in danger is a medical worker
b) If the person who left in danger had lack of opportunity to assist the victim
c) If the person who left in danger wittingly put the victim in helpless situation
d) if the person who left in danger was obliged to take care of the victim

2. When does the legal capacity of a legal entity create?
a) From the date of state registration
b) From the moment of opening a bank account
b) From the time the incorporation documents were signed on by founders
e) From the moment the Charter of a company has been adopted

3. Who cannot be subjected to administrative sanctions in form of public works?
a) Military servants
b) Military servants of compulsory military service
c) Persons under the age of 18
d) Foreigners and stateless persons

4. According to the Constitution of the Republic of Azerbaijan, after the adoption of the draft law that is declared to be matter of urgency which period shall be submitted to the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan for signing off?
a) in 24 hours
b) in 6 hours
c) in 48 hours
d) in 3 days