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The meeting of the Presidium of the Bar Association was held

11 June 2018    3046

The next meeting of the Presidium of the Bar Association was held today. At the meeting, members of the Presidium have been informed about the state of the work done in the matter of admission of new members to the Bar, in particular, the matter of sending new members to law offices and their involvement in the work of the offices.

At the same time, the Chairman of the Bar Association, Mr. Anar Baghirov, spoke on the implementation of The Order of the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan on additional measures for the improvement of lawyer profession and stated that work is underway with the relevant government agencies for the allocation of new buildings for regional law offices and in the near future these law offices will start to serve citizens.

At the meeting, the monograph of Faridin Khalilov, PhD doctorate of the Institute of Human Rights of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, "Investigation in criminal proceedings" monograph was discussed and taking into account the practical importance of monograph, it was recommended for the use of lawyers by the Presidium.

Subsequently, the appeals for change of workplace of some lawyers, requests to work as an individual lawyer and appeals for admission to the Bar Association were reviewed and decisions were made to award a number of lawyers.

During the meeting, the opinions of the Lawyers Disciplinary Commission on 20 disciplinary proceedings were examined and on the basis of the requirements of the legislative acts, the rules of conduct of the lawyers, a decision were made to appeal to the court on termination of membership of one lawyer, one lawyer was reproved and 3 lawyers were reprimanded.