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Information of the Presidium of Bar Association of the Republic of Azerbaijan

12 June 2018    3802

Today, at the meeting of the Presidium of Bar Association of the Republic of Azerbaijan a decision was made to appeal to the court on the termination of the membership of the Bar Association, Irada Javadova, an individual lawyer in Baku.

Complainant K.M. having appealed to the Bar Association by telegram dated 21.04.2018 stating that the lawyer, Irada Javadova, without a power of attorney and legal aid agreement, without the consent of the plaintiff complained to the Main Organized Crime Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Complainant also noted that lawyer had made unfounded complaints about the illegal detention and spread information to the mass media. The complainant said that the information did not reflect the truth and touched her honor and dignity and asked the Presidium to take action against the lawyer Irada Javadova.

The complaint was sent to the Lawyers Disciplinary Commission for the investigation. Both, the complainant and the lawyer summoned within the disciplinary proceeding.

Complainant K.M. in his own statement, reaffirmed what was stated in his initial appeal and further added that the dissemination of information by Irada Javadova was groundless and touched her honor and dignity. She also noted that Irada Javadova was pressuring her. Irada Javadova could not justify the truthfulness and reasonableness of the information published by her in the media about the complainant at the meetings of the Commission and the Presidium with consistent facts.

According to the Commission's opinion, it was established that lawyer spread the information about complainant publicly through the press without her consent and made defamatory statements, which was not authenticated. Irada Javadova did not deny her statement, even though it was not true. It should be noted that the investigation of whether the signature in the contract between the parties was the complainant’s signature was not the subject of disciplinary proceedings.

As a result of proceedings, it was found that Irada Javadova's actions were not appropriate with provisions of the Charter on the Lawyers Rules of Conduct and under the Law "On Lawyers and Legal Practice", decision was to appeal to the court regarding the termination of Irada Javadova’s membership of the Bar Association.

The Bar Association of Azerbaijan once again asks the media representatives not to publish untested information and contact directly to the Bar Association's press service for any questions.