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Information of the Presidium of Bar Association of the Republic of Azerbaijan

10 July 2018    2025

The next meeting of the Presidium of the Bar Association was held yesterday. At the meeting, members of the Presidium were informed about the state of work done by the Bar Association recently, in particular, the matter of sending new members to law offices and their involvement in the work of the offices, and the timetable of duties of law office were approved.

At the same time, the appeals for change of workplace of some lawyers, requests to work as an individual lawyer and appeals for admission to the Bar Association were reviewed and decisions were made to award a number of lawyers.

Later, the issue of regulating the activities of lawyers operating on behalf of law offices’, but in different locations was discussed, and it was decided that it is more useful for these lawyers to operate in the "lawyer cabinet" under the law office, which will be established in the future. It was also decided to prepare and approve relevant rules about “lawyer cabinet”.

In addition, according to the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan "On Lawyers and Legal Profession", a decision was made to initiate disciplinary proceedings about 11 lawyers on the basis of failure to pay the membership fee for more than six months.

At the meeting, opinions of the Disciplinary Commission of the Disciplinary Commission on 15 disciplinary proceedings were examined and the relevant decisions were taken. Lawyer Aghayev Fuad Arif oglu was reprimanded on the basis of the violation of requirements of legislative acts related to the legal profession, the violation of the rules of conduct of the lawyers, as well as the norms of the lawyer's ethics.

It should be noted that after the meeting of the Presidium yesterday, lawyer Fuad Agayev provided distorted information about the disciplinary proceedings in the media. In this regard, the Presidium makes clear that lawyer Fuad Aghayev, have tried to intervene to professional activity of employees of one of the penitentiary institutions of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Azerbaijan, and he has been abusive against their address. Also, while ignoring the terms set out in the Code of Criminal Execution, lawyer Fuad Agayev, confused the public by disseminating information that was unreasonable on the social network and on internet resources because the letter and documents he sent to his client were not transmitted by the jail.

In this regard, violations of Articles 1.2, 2.5, 2.7, and 2.13 on the Rules of Procedure of the Lawyers, Article 1, Part 3, Article 16, Part 1, Article 18 of the Law of the Republic of Azerbaijan on Lawyers and Legal Profession, by lawyer Fuad Agayev, was noted.