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28 November 2018    5743 share share

The delegation of Azerbaijani Bar Association is on an official visit in Germany for the first time.

A delegation composed of the head of Bar Association and several members of Lawyers Disciplinary Commission made an official visit to Germany.

The main purposes of the visit, which was supported by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), were the setting up of cooperation between the Azerbaijani and German bar associations, studying German experience in dealing with disciplinary issues of lawyers, dispute resolution between clients and lawyers and providing experience exchange on several other issues.

On the first day of the visit, the delegation of the Azerbaijani Bar Association met with Ulrich Wessel, the Chairman of the German Federal Bar Association. By welcoming the guests, Mr. Vessel noted that he is aware of the recent reforms in the field of legal profession in Azerbaijan, and that the development in this area has left a good impression on him. He also stated that the German Federal Bar Association pays great attention to international relations and they are intended to develop relations with the Azerbaijani Bar Association.

At the same time, Mr. Wessel noted that the German Federal Bar Association is ready to involve German experts to training of Azerbaijani lawyers in the fields of attorney-client privilege, lawyers' professional standards of conduct, planning tactics of defense in civil and criminal cases.

Moreover, during the meeting, Ulrich Wessel invited Anar Baghirov to Germany for the following year to Lawyers Forum and Mr. Baghirov had accepted the invitation with pleasure.

Afetrwards Mr. Anar Baghirov thanked Mr. Wessel for his warm welcome, gave brief information about the done work to further improvement of the lawyer profession and noted that Azerbaijani Bar Association is interested in cooperation with German Federal Bar Association.

The meeting were attended by Mr. Aydin Akhundov, the Deputy Chair of Azerbaijani Bar Association, Mr. Shahmar Mammadov, Chairman of Lawyers Disciplinary Commission, Ms. Ilhama Hasanova, Deputy Chairman of Commission and some members of Commission, Mr. Elchin Usub, member of Azerbaijani Bar Associaion and Mr. Rudolf Lauda, member of Hessen Bar Association.

After a two-day official visit of the Chairman of the Azerbaijani Bar Association, a one-week visit for members of the Lawyers Disciplinary Commission continued its work.