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A meeting of the Presidium of the ABA was held

26 September 2022    846 share share

The next meeting of the Presidium of the Azerbaijani Bar Association (ABA) was held on 26.09.2022. Opening the meeting with an introductory speech, the Chairman of the ABA, Anar Baghirov, informed the meeting participants about the current activities of the ABA.
Subsequently, the swearing-in ceremony of the lawyer candidate was held, who successfully completed the qualification exams for admission to the bar and the mandatory training at the Academy of Justice.
Moreover, per the agenda of the meeting, the transfer of lawyers to another legal organisation, exemption from the membership fee for a certain period, and other issues were discussed, and favourable decisions were made.
In addition, several disciplinary issues were considered, and appropriate decisions were made during the assembly.
In the end, other vital issues related to the activity of the ABA were discussed.